the state of homelessness

People in America are experiencing homelessness

People in Georgia are experiencing homelessness

People served by the Continuum of Care partners in 2018

Students under the age of 17 are experiencing homelessness in the Savannah-Chatham School District

Veterans living in Chatham County, currently 1 out of every 17 homeless in Chatham County are Veterans

Unregulated homeless camps that are currently active within Chatham County

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In Georgia, a person is considered homeless if they do not have access to traditional or permanent housing that is safe, sanitary, decent, and affordable. Individuals and families who are living on the streets or in homeless camps, shelters, motels, or their vehicles are all considered homeless.

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The Mission works with a bare-bone Staff of seven employees. This community's dedicated servants work with hundreds of volunteers to deliver services to Savannah's most vulnerable and needy citizens in a highly cost effective way.