Services + programs

CORE services

Emergency Services

Our primary emergency services are available free of charge to those in need. We provide three hot meals daily, overnight shelter, clean clothing, and showers.

food boxes

Each box provides eight meals so low-income households can put healthy food on their tables each week, which is even more important now that children aren’t receiving the nutritious meals they have access to when school is in session.

Life Skills

Individuals will train in the areas of cooking, budgeting, goal setting, and vital life skills to support people at the mission to succeed in life.

career training

Mission guests will get assistance with job training; including resume writing, interview techniques and job-search assistance.


If you or someone you know needs help reach out to us.



health clinic

We offer Free medical assistance from J.C. Lewis Healthcare every Monday from

2pm to 5pm.

Recovery program for men

men embracing

Clean Start

The Clean Start induction period is the one month preliminary track of the program, which allows candidates to get acquainted with the program and to decide if they want to make a 1 year commitment to a fresh start. In addition to the program rules, a Clean Start student is required to attend nightly chapel services, Clean Start classes, group sessions and vocational training assignments (Cohort).



The Fresh Start Life Recovery Program is a one year healing process that must involve every aspect of a person. The Old Savannah City Mission is designed to facilitate holistic restoration of men whose lives have been devastated by the disintegrative aspects of homelessness and substance abuse. It serves the total person: spirit, soul and body and addresses all issues from a relational life recovery approach. In addition to life recovery, all students are required to pursue academic studies and vocational training through the Urban Training Institute. It is designed to address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs to an individual. Over the course of the stay, we provide Christian discipleship classes, individual sessions, vocational training, basic computer classes, High School equivalency courses and curriculum designed to help each student re-integrate into society.



LIFE Start

After completion of the introductory the Fresh Start program, a graduate may apply to do the Life Start Program that expedites transition into society. A graduate of the Fresh Start program may join this program for up to an additional 6 months at the Old Savannah City Mission. The Career Services Department trains and counsels graduates throughout this transition. Successful transition is reconnection in society with employment, living wages and affordable housing.


Help Change Lives

In Georgia, a person is considered homeless if they do not have access to traditional or permanent housing that is safe, sanitary, decent, and affordable. Individuals and families who are living on the streets or in homeless camps, shelters, motels, or their vehicles are all considered homeless.

Help Change a life

The Mission works with a bare-bone Staff of seven employees. This community's dedicated servants work with hundreds of volunteers to deliver services to Savannah's most vulnerable and needy citizens in a highly cost effective way.