Dear Friend,

When God said in Genesis 2:18 that it’s not good for man to be alone, He meant more than marriage. He meant relationships: family, friends, church, neighborhoods, all the social ties that bind us together. That’s especially true during the holiday season, which is just around the corner.

Most of those coming here for help have broken their social ties, intentionally or not. Many never had strong relationships to begin with. For them, Thanksgiving is just another day … unless they spend it at the Old Savannah City Mission.



Here, after a good, filling meal — and our Thanksgiving dinner really is good! — we invite those who are homeless or alone to take the first steps out of isolation. In our program, they will learn to repair, build and maintain positive, healthy relationships. In time, with God’s blessing, they will realize the joy of living with — and for — others, making meaningful contributions to our community.

They will have the confidence and support they need to lead productive, satisfying lives again. That is truly something to be thankful for! And we are thankful for you. You are a valued member of our family this Thanksgiving and always. If you have the time, please stop by and wish well those staying here. Your encouragement shows they are not alone, that we are bound together by God’s love.


Pastor Larry McDaniel