homeless person asleep on the street


Rodney, a 2017 graduate of the Mission’s Urban Training Institute shared, “that illegal drugs should be on the terror watch list because I allowed the use of drugs to terrorize my life. Cocaine almost destroyed me. As a result of my addiction, I lost good jobs, places of residence and many good friends.

My life was always in danger, and I finally realized one day I’d better do something before I ran out of time. I did not want to see my life come to an end because of my addiction to drugs. Sad thing is I grew up in the church, so I knew right from wrong. All the time I was sinning against God, I knew it was wrong, but I still allowed crack cocaine to make my decisions for me.”

“I praise God and I will be able to appreciate the holidays this year.”

“It was a blessed day when I walked through the doors of Old Savannah City Mission. I was accepted, and I felt the love in this place.

Here at the Mission, I am finding my way home. I am now understanding the things of God. Christianity is practical. The Bible is teaching me how to live God’s way, which is the only way that makes sense. With all the trauma we read about in the news every day, it is obvious Jesus needs to wrap His arms around the whole world. But first of all, I want Him to keep wrapping His loving arms around me.

In my own way, I want to make a contribution for the better in the days ahead. One thing is for sure, if it were not for the generous support of people who love the Lord and the Mission staff that cares, I would either be in jail or dead right now. But praise God I will live to see another day.”

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